Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Gear, Set, HOOK.... Gone Fishing in and around Mumbai and Alibaugh / Revdanda.... :)

Looks like the fishing bug has caught me again. The love for fishing was seasonal and always during vacations in Goa. However I stumbled upon a group that fish in and around Mumbai.

The rod that I had in Goa was an old one. Needed one for me in Mumbai. Careful reviewing of roads began thanks to the net and YouTube. The last two competitors were the Abu Garcia 10 feet tournament road and the Shakespeare Uglystick 10 feet. The previous one won the bout because of its slim handling compared to the later.

Picked up a reel online from Caperlan.

Added to the kit another telescopic rod and reel which I brought online – Caperlan make.

Some of my fishing gear.. J

 Been fishing a couple of times to Marve in the lure to hook the elusive barramundi, but no chance. Hooked on a mullet in the body by mistake… Haha… Atleast opened my account there! J

Here is the pic of the UNLUCKY mullet.. L

The first time that I had been to Marve I used a very weak like and in the bargain lost a lot of my lures.

Hoping to go fishing on my next trip to Alibaugh. And next month in Goa.

Let’s hope I hook on a few.

Below are the spots that I went fishing in Mumbai.

 Fishing spots around Alibaugh/ Revdanda

Saturday, July 06, 2013

AdventureCrossroads..... The beginning of a new innings.... :)

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