Wednesday, September 27, 2006

My first thoughts..................

There are so many people that you come across in your day to day if. Some sleazy, that you would wonder why did you ever meeting them. Some at once strike a chord with you (No no.. no ladki wala strike I meant) who you could relate to you. Whereas some you meet are so very unassuming, that you just cannot read them.

I think I can read people way to well, whatever mask they put up before me of being gud, bad, tough etc... I can at once judge them... At least that's what I think. But there are instances in your life when your proved wrong.

"YOUR NOT BRUCE ALMIGHTY DUDE", yup that's what I get to know when I probe myself further. :)

What context does this write up has with the pic?? Well nothing. :) Just penned down the thoughts that came right up to me.

By the way the model that posing for me is Vrushit. My pal from UmTV. Great guy, with a great sense of humor.....

All I can say this is my first blog.. So watch out for the rest here.

Here come's "RAZ THE RIPPER"


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