Monday, December 24, 2007

A christmas message for you....

This is a short story of Ralph, son of a God-fearing rich estate owner.

Ralph had all the luxuries in life. Every year he received a special gift for Christmas. A gift that made him the happiest son in the world, atleast for the 25th of December.

It was the Christmas when Ralph had turned 18. He requested his dad to gift him a car- his would be first car. Ralph, did a lot for the built up, for that Christmas eve. He was among the top three students in his college. He did his chores, without making a fuss about them. His extra efforts were well appreciated by his father. This convinced Ralph, that like other years, this year too, his request for his first car, would not be turned down by his Father.

Came Christmas night, both Father and Son went for the Christmas service in their church. Melodious carols filled the air. As the service came closer to the end Ralph got more and more anxious, as he couldn’t wait to get the keys of his new car.

When they reached home, his father told him to pick up a wrapped gift that was placed next to the Christmas tree. Ralph anxiously opened the wrapper, only to find a leather case with the words ‘Holy Bible’ inscribed on it.

Ralph was shocked. He did not expect a bible! That day onwards he became bitter and never spoke with his dad ever. The next month, Ralph left the country for higher studies. He never came home for the summer break or for any other vacation thereafter. He refused to take his fathers calls. He finished his studies, picked up a job and settled down overseas itself. Not once in all those years did he call his Dad to check up on him.

Ralph was 25, when he got a telegram stating that his Father has expired. That year Ralph returned home to relive the memories of his teens. He rummaged through his closet that he had left behind. He found priceless old photographs of him with his friends, family members and his dad. Among the other things there, in the dark corner of the closet lay a dusty leather case, the same case that his father gifted him on Christmas.

He took the case aside, sat on the table and dusted the case. For the first time Ralph reached forward to open the case to reveal the Bible that his Father gifted him. As he flipped the first page these were the words on it:-

Dearest Son,

Today you become not only a year older, but a year wiser. This holy book will help you, while you travel on the journey of life. I must say that I am a proud Father as my son has grown into a fine responsible young man. You know mamma left you and me a long ago, and we both have been more like friends than a Father-Son. Do forgive me for all the times I have been harsh on you, probably mamma would have been calmer in such a situation, but I just want to say that I am trying and will always try to be the best Father in the world. I appreciate all the efforts that you have put in. Turn to the last page, I have a surprise for you

Your loving dad

Ralph’s eyes were filled with tears, he turned to the last page and there was a small brown envelope stuck to the page. He flipped it open and inside was a key- His car key. On the key there was a tag that read “Go to the garage, the car is waiting for you there. And yes, henceforth the garage belongs to you; I shall park my own car out”
The walls of his world came crashing in. He had never cried so bitterly ever.

Hmmmm well that’s Ralph for you. We all in life, have some expectation or the other from our family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances. The moment they don’t fit in we tend to sideline them. We fail to understand them.

Christmas is a very special time of the year. This Christmas let us vow to dissolve the differences that we have with those around us. Lets not be like Ralph, and realize our mistake when its a little too late.

Remember, unless you are at peace with others, you shall never be at peace with yourself.

I have experienced it in my own life, its your choice if you want the same or not.

I wish you and your family a lovely Christmas.

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paramita said...

hey if ds post is true dn u'll probably understand why i turned down the offer at mica recently.
d fact dat i am money- minded hit me like a ton of bricks. had nt met ds side of paramita bfore.nt sure hw 2 react. guess it's my cross dat i have 2 bear.