Thursday, April 24, 2008


Do brands ambassadors really make a brand sell? Will you buy a brand that you don’t like, if it was endorsed by your dream Icon?

The above statements are making headlines these days.

While surfing the web, I came across the blog apparently started by the Big B himself, with him writing religiously about the incidents in his life. Right from a injury that he got at one of the shoots to how he cleared his family from the black spot of the Bofor’s deall.

I just wonder how does this man that has more projects in hand than four other actors at any given point in time, actually have the time to blog. Does he actually do it or some help from the many content writers would do so for a fee?

I don’t know if the brand sells, but I am sure that would be having more clicks per page considering the Big B fan following, I am not even talking about the people that do his ‘puja’, giving him the status of the most high.

Now that’s what a call a smart marketing gimmick to sell the site, just a few days from the start of the blog, and it must’ve seen thousands of clicks. Orkut and Facebook now seem to face stiff competition. I don’t think it will be long before the other follow suit of bigadda.

I personally am having a nightmare shuffling between Orkut & Facebook. Cannot by any chance tolerate any more login’s on anymore “SOCIALIZING NETWORKS”

So Amitab Bachan a.k.a Big B, you your want another set of fan following (not me!!!) please mirror your blogs on the webpages too.

You never know, you may just get lucky!!!!!

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