Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Do we have the right to take a life?

While we thought that peace would prevail after the Bangalore blasts - Wake up!!!! Headlines read -
17 serial blasts rocked Ahmedabad, while few other bombs were defused in Surat!!!!

This morning, it was reported that 2 other bombs were defused in Surat.

Citizens in Surat have become vigilant and reporting any unattended objects. This is the reason, which this life threatening mishaps were prevented.

I fail to understand one knows what the reason for the blast is, and what pleasure does one seek by taking a life.

Come to think of it... Just a thought…

A scientist once wanted to show God that he can create life just the way God does. He did an advanced research in genetics and created a seed in the exact composition of Nitrogen, Oxygen and matter as there was in another seed. He planted this seed, but it didn’t sprout.

He tried this over and over again. Then finally he gives up and approached God. God ask’s the scientist to build exactly the same seed like he did on numerous occasions below. God take the seed from and gently blows into it, and asks the scientist to plant it.

To the scientist’s amazement, the seed sprouts!!!!!

God then turns around to the scientist and says:-

“You know only I have the power to give life and this power is sacred. Why do you fail to understand that your human and no matter what you do, you will always be. If you do not have the power to give life, do not take”

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