Saturday, August 16, 2008

Use ur heart or mind or 50:50

When you think you know it all, you face a reality check… “You don’t boss”

When you think you have got the answer, you face a reality check… “You don’t boss”

Moral of the story, some things are beyond your control, don’t try to understand it. Humans that we are, there’s that little we can do and understand.

This reminds me of a story that was told to me when I was in school….

There was once this boy who was playing by the beachside; he made this huge crater in the sand adjoining the beach. He now decided to empty the entire ocean in this crater. He takes his sand bucket, goes to the ocean, collects water and pours it in the crater. He does this again, and again, and again……… After several attempts, exhausted that he was, he sits by the crater. To his utter dismay he sees that the water has disappeared, and the remnant sand the only proof of his effort. Dejected, he starts crying. His father who was watching this from a distance, walks up to him and says “Son, I was like you once upon a time. I wanted everything I saw. Luxuries fame and Love…… You tried your best to empty the water here. But, nothing remained back. We may want many things in life. Things that are beyond and more importantly not meant for us. Its fine to go with your heart, but let your mind take the decision too. Or else, dejection is all that you will encounter. And I know it hurts”.

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