Monday, October 19, 2009

I salute you…..

Five drinks down and walking back home in my own thoughts……

All of a sudden the dark and quietness of the night is disturbed by psycadelic lights and the loudest siren I’ve heard!

Seen the fire brigade go by last night. Instantly my right hand made it’s way to salute the Fireman hanging on to the truck, frantically trying to wear his helmet. He saw me, and gave me the broadest smile – a thankful smile.

Why I did it, I don’t know myself….

Not fearing their lives and walking into the mouth of death is something they choose to earn their living from. Earn a living? Sub human staying conditions, a Rs. 200 increase a year, to be treated as secondary citizens etc. etc.

Glad to know that inspite of such treatment, they continue doing their work selflessly – always there in times of trouble.

Thank you the brave Fireman….

I salute you… Yet again…


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Maggie said...

Awww...really I was moved. Don't you just love those spontaneous moments when your spirit doens't consult your rational mind and just takes over and does something uplifting for you, the other person and just adds to the spiritual good within around us- a smile, a hug, a salute, an offer to get ahead in line, take my taxi I'll take the next one...stuff like that. Enjoyed reading this.