Monday, October 11, 2010

Life - here and there... This and that.... All freakin mixed up!!! :)))

We all started on this journey called ‘life’.
We did not know where the path would lead.
Many milestones wet met and bearing the consequences of our deeds.

‘Karma’ they said was something that you could not esacape.
We’ve sinned we’ve lied, will took each day in our stride.
The day came when indeed ‘Karma’ would be the cause for the fall our pride.

While in school we said to ourselves ‘what on earth was this?’
Could not wait to get out of class 10 to experience what life is.
After this the thoughts were no different.
Shattered hearts, broken dreams but loads of friends and life ahead was again the emphasis.

Some studied commerce, some studied art, while the brave battled science.
Looking back now, wondering ‘In me did any of it spark any reliance?’

Then came- the meteor, the one we called work.
Well, this bugger is interesting they say.
I am still trying to find out what’s so interesting about it? Aren’t you?

As I take each day at a time.
Looking back has always brought me down to my knees.
It has made me humble, it has made me learn.

I have loved like never before and why mustn’t I?
I have one life to live and this is where I gotta pay for the Karma of my deeds.
I have told loved ones that ‘I Love you’ and ‘Care for you’,
And if I did hate you for some reason, trust me the reason was you. : )

The milestones that I passed are my passage to another.
Another, that I am unaware of.
It’s like a limbo we all live in, not knowing what’s coming next.
For all that is certain, that one day, in the very sand that we walk on we shall come to rest.

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hemelta said...

hhhaah i was one amsgt th brave dat battled wi science......
and im so glad u love me,,,n not hate :D
nice piece!!! keep writing bum..mwahss