Friday, October 13, 2006


Financially Free?

We all have the quest to be financially well off. What do we do towards it?

Finish graduation, then while some land up in call centres the other decided to struggle through two more years of education and decide to do an MBA. A decent paying job is picked up, and finally we think it’s time to relax. Time passes by. During college we used to get that Rs. 50 buck per day as you TIP for you eating expenses, and we somehoe managed in that amount. Today we earn much much more yet that amount is still less for us.

What do you do in such an instace. You can leave your current job, yet you need the added monies in order to fulfill you weekend party desires, while the hard earned salary goes into making of something important.

Yup, weekends are off’s and unlike our generation counter parts in the states that work their asses out even on the weekends to make the extra cash, we rather sit at home and wish that the cash comes walking to us.


Heard of MLM???? Yup I’m sure selling Amway and Avon products would be a strict no no. How about a simpler option?

Wanna make money? I’m learning the trick to…. 

Here goes the concept. You gotta pick up a package worth around 6 grand, that’s a write off basically, but your mom’s would appreciate the products. Now you gotta refer two other people. Every two people. You get straight 1 grand. Now it’s upon the two to refer the others below you, or you can help placing people under them. Very two people that are formed under you, you and up earning a grand. Think about it, your sitting at the leisure of your homes, people multiply and you get da cash. Good news- It’s a week on week payments.

Otherwise anti such concepts I was attracted. Maybe it will help you too

Ask me.

No prostitution guaranteed.

No hard core marketing from my side. Just think I should share this money making tip with you guys.


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