Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Happy birthday to you.....

“Thank you Jesus for giving me year to prove my worth”. Got out of my bed today by whispering these words.

Ponder on this. What are the thoughts that come to your mind on your birthday?
How many people are gonna wish me at the stroke of 12?
How many close friends are actually gonna remember my birthday.
Office colleagues- do they remember it?

Dus hazar thoughts just go on in your mind. Whether you like it or not, you just seem to be in your own bliss. Whether people wish you or not, it’s just an intrinsic feeling that it’s a special day in your life. You just don’t require someone to make you feel special on this day.

It’s a time when you ponder and look back and question yourself “What significant things have I achieved?”

“What’s your resolution this year”, asked my sis in law last night. Pondered for precisely 3 seconds and replied. “to mush my self more than what I did last year, maybe to the limit” 

This is a time when one makes resolutions, besides of course new year’s. Yup, I know what’s on your mind.. RESOLUTIONS ARE MEANT TO BE BROKEN, right? But think about it, would it cause you any harm to make one simple resolution, even if you don’t follow it, it sure plays on your mind. It will definitely help.

So WHERE’S THE PARTY TONIGHT the ultimate question that all ask you. “Not today, over the weekend’ Aww what a bore is the reply I get from most of the Junta. That’s me and this year I want it to be this way…….

Signing out…

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