Friday, November 17, 2006



Our journey in life begins the day we are conceived in our mother’s womb. Calm world it is then, experiencing the outside world through the mother.

As we grow year by year we experience various shades of life. Some shades we wish would have never faded away. Some we swear “was it really worth it?” We are in the constant flux throught our journey through life. Can anybody claim that he has always experienced the rosy side of life, and was never faced with life’s burdens? If you do, then definitely I want to meet you. “Take me as you disciple guruji” J

What when someone you know is suddenly taken away? What are the thoughts that run through your mind?
Are you of death?

I am, and will always be scared of death. A couple of years back I had a loved one that passed away. A part of my life, who had influenced me so much. Death was something that I would never imagine would visit him.

I stood by his body just staring at him, crying bitterly. I was dead to the world, inconsolable. I just could not come to the terms that a week back the person that I spoke too would be there just resting- an eternal rest.

Deaths are times that make me introspect myself always. What if I was dead today? What would the world have to say about me? Good riddance? He was a good guy? Oh I will miss my drinking partner? Who will send out the buzz at work now? I miss you son? He was the best friend ever? Etc. etc.

Can’t help it. I just can’t help thinking of these things. Yup now you may call me a pessimist. And yes I agree with the matter of death I am pessimistic. I AM SCARED. I am scared what if I have hurt someone and I die without saying sorry? What if I’ve cheated someone and not had a chance to repay? What if I’ve loved someone and never said ‘I LOVE YOU’? What if I wanted to thank someone but never did, as I was too egoistic?
The ‘what if’s’ are the ones that haunt me at this time. I immediate vow to undo the wrong that I have done.

I think this is something that I’m glad about myself. You may do hundreds of good things in a day. But you one word or action, if it hurts someone, no amount of your goodness would compensate for that one thing.

An advice. Just think before what you say or do and ask your heart this one question. ‘Am I hurting him?

Do this a trust me you will be a refined CHEERFUL PERSON.
The death of that loved one made my thoughts that I have today.

Thanks G.P….. I Miss You….

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