Wednesday, January 24, 2007



I heard this saying sometime back on one of the well known Hindi channel and was baffled. What advice was that? Marry someone that loves you?

What about marrying someone that you love?

Isn’t love the basis of marriage? Or at least I thought so. We all at some juncture of our lives are faced with what we humorously term as “Personal Problem”. Personal problems they definitely are, because the times when you take tough decisions, your personal life sure takes a beating.

Pressure from family, from peers and finally pressure that we bring upon us by pondering hard over our future.

We wonder many times, why things do not happen the way we want them too. We always wanted to be happy, happy with the ones that we loved, but what if it does not happen? Everything happens for a reason. At least pessimists, guys that do not want to take onus of their relationship would be quick to blame it on fate.

But it mustn’t be that way right? Think about it logically. You love someone that person loves you, but due to various external reasons you think that this relationship is not going to work, is that right?

You will be fooling yourself into believing that whatever is happening is fine and its better this way. Time will slap you hard some day. A slap that will unfold all those thoughts that you had when you let the relationship slip away, when you had the chance to stand by it and make it work, the time when you should have stood by what you believed and made everything work around it.

That’s what life is all about. We want many things, but we don’t get them. To be successful on the professional front, one has to gain various degrees and keep abreast with the industry. On the personal front, it’s a different game altogether. You need two utmost important things, LOVE and TRUST. Have this and the desire to make things work for you around it.

Remember happiness lies in doing things that your heart tells you, not what others want you to.

Just be true to yourself and trust me you will always be cheerful.

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