Wednesday, January 31, 2007


You put all the effort in making sure that things are not the same like before. You try so hard to make things work out. You try so hard and explain why all this is so wrong. You try and explain that for now it may look all fine, but after sometime it will be back to square one. You explain that you have to arrest this situation right now. You explain that there you have to be brave and face it.

And most of all you do all this selflessly, not wanting anything out of this.

What happens?

Tables are turned back on you again.

But this time you decide. You tried you best, no sweat, so what if you lost something, maybe there’s a reason why.

Wish someone would tell this fluttering heart.

“The future’s not mine to see, move on for now. Take one day at a time”

I wow never to suggest, for I know not what’s right or wrong for anyone but me. But when asked again what do I feel, will turn around and say. Haven’t I’ve told you enough? Everytime I suggested what was good fr you, you played your own number, you had your own way, you did what you thought was right, but unfortunately wrong. Again right or wrong this time; time will unfold it’s story.

This time I will turn around and say…
“Guess it's too late, very very late”

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