Thursday, March 29, 2007

I Do.....


Forever my darling, our love will be true, now and forever I’ll love only you…… Doesn’t this song make you hum along when it’s played at any catholic wedding. Yeah I know, Ralston you’re a FU%^$& senti ass. HAHAHA. But what the hell ya love that song.

Was listening to this person on radio that called in. His voice was painful. As he continued his conversation, it was as I guessed a voice of someone that was broken in love. Too bad for him, the R.J was insensitive to his feelings. He wanted someone to tell him that whatever he did was right. That it’s fine to be in love. That, it’s fine to love someone more than they love you. That, it’s fine to be broken. He needed someone to hear him out, not to ridicule him with witty one liners about how to bury the past.

I personally feel that love is one of the best things that can happen to a person. I know huzaar people will tell you. Don’t fall in love, cause you will end up hurt.

So what? If you don’t fall in love, you will never know what love is.

Don’t shop around for love; it’s not available of shelves. Some may find it in their best friend. Some in an acquaintance. So in a collegue at work. It will happen, may take time, lot of time. Just go with the flow. Be conscious about not trying hard to fall in love. And don’t say the I DO without thinking.

Those two words are big. You entrusting yourself to someone else. Someone you think deserves it. Some who think loves you more than you love her/ him….

Again, trust me being in love is the most beautiful feeling in the world.

Cherish it……………
….. lol…….

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