Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Straight from the heart...

Straight from the heart…..

No no it’s not Bryan Adams that I was implying. Just decided to change da so called ‘about me’ section.

How many of you have done the things that you wanted to do always? Things that you hold very close to your heart. Things that you would want to tell your kids, “So what? I’ve done it long ago” or rather not tell you kids.. lol….

Guess we all have our limitations as to why we can’t. Valid or invalid, you yourself would know. But the important thing is that you try. You try to make that impossible thing work for you.

Yup, I do believe in miracles, but I also know that they happen when saints ask for help. Me I’m Lucifer’s successor, so I can’t even think they will come true for me. Jokes apart, guess if you that little extra effort. Maybe of working hard, going on a diet and for those in topsy turvey relationship’s, forgiveness and the want to be together and make things work for you; if you do this, maybe you’re a fraction away from that miracle to happen.

Now, the TRUTH.. Yup I believe in miracles too. I passed my 12 lol. Praise da Lord…  I fell in love with the most beautiful girl in the world. I climbed one of the tallest peaks with bare hands. I got my 1986 baby – my yezdi,and my concubine – Enfield. I am now confident about my career; the list goes on and on and on…….

The most important thing is that you

Jeezzzzzzz……. I would’ve definitely become a priest…. But I thought otherwise… Lucifer uncle would be heart broken…..


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