Thursday, March 01, 2007

I'm finally gonna burn RUBBER!!!!

TWO AND A HALF WEEKS GONE with excuses that are below.

“Have started on the work you will get it tomorrow."
"Some issue sir, tomorrow for sure."
"Sir buffing guy has delayed he said he would give it tomorrow, will fix it by day after."
"Sir the buffing guy had not started the work yet, I stood on his head and he finally stared it this morning."
"Sir I went today but the shop was closed, now he will open only day after, will get the engine then."
"Sir got it will fix the entire thing today.
Sir there were some minute problems that I need to check, will deliver it to you tomorrow."

All excuses that my mechanic gave me………


My Maschismo, yeah a enfield make over.

It was a dream to ride one right since class I cause I had a bike freak uncle who used to make frequent trips to Goa on his enfield and used to tell me stories about his trips n stuff.

I picked a 1986 YEDZI a year back and trust me the first month that I had it, I felt like a newly wed couple that were both virgin’s and never had any sex education whatsoever. HAHAHA. There were times that the rides to Bandra for da weekend parties were harrowing. I still recall an incident when the bike just stalled on a flyover and refused to start. Petrol, spark plug, everything was intact, god only knew what was the problem. Frustrated I stopped a passing auto rickshaw and asked him to guide the bike with his one leg stretched out of the vehicle, a prayer and switch in the second gear and the bike kicked to life. Why did it happened? God only knows and hope he never gives me another incident and tell’s me “Son this is why it happens”. Oh and BTW, I call the Yezdi my first wife.

Maschismo is a 349 cc killer machine, the engine’s glittering with the new buff job for what it took one and a half weeks. It still requires a paint job though. Will do it eventually. A long drive on is what I am dying for.

PUNE watchout for me…. RALSTON’s gonna be burning RUBBER en route to ya…..

P.s: About the
bit... Pun intended please..

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