Friday, March 02, 2007

In memory of my watchman you just got F^%$#K bad

“Here comes the glorified father”,
said xyz hinting towards my watchman, as I entered my building.

I was like “What glorified father you talking abt”
Phewwwwww to put it in a short and sweet, my watchman jacked the box of a maid that stayed on the first floor. She was now five months pregnant with his kid.

The guy was asked now what he wanted to do about it?

At first he said “I will ask my father and tell you”.. HAHAHAH what was he thinking man? When he did it, did he say “Pappa can I do it?” Weird bhaiya. He later agreed to marry her.

This is some masala for gossip in the area now, especially for the women and my bekar old secretary of the building. They can keep themselves busy deciding the fare of –


Ha ha ha

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