Monday, June 25, 2007

HR on the net? What? HR?

Today is the age of the internet, or at least that is what they say.

With majority of the youth tuned to the internet, either just casually surfing around, or chatting or socializing on Orkut (I swear by this. Addicted actually).

Internet branding is a one stop solution if your target audience are the ones more tech and current information savvy.

Employers have to now actually beyond the conventional system of recruitments, such as adv’s in the newspaper, roping in head hunters etc. It wouldn’t be a bad idea actually for hiring that young H.R. executive and give him an all access to the web world, taking special permission from the IT department of in your org of course (minus access to XXX WebPages). Blogging is a strong tool, that may attract prospective employee to you, and thus in turn to your org.

One has to keep abreast with the current issues that are happening in the H.R. world. You have to look beyond the traditional way of learning from your bosses concept. Access to online publications and websites such as keeps you updated. You get a chance to interact with industry professionals and exchange view, as questions and GET HELP.

So don’t just sit there, open the all important webpage that I usually refer to Keep one new topic in HR as a target for the day. Once you make it a habit you will yourself be amazed to know that how helpful that practice to develop you as an H.R. professional (besides helping you give the management fundas in public time and again). HAHAHA.

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