Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Guess what is this this guys upto?

Bet you must have seen the COPS a.k.a pandus, posted at railways stations. Either you will find them reading a newspaper or frisking passengers that sport huge bags.
After the frisk the passenger as a policy they take down the name and other contact details of the passenger (god knows for what?).

I was waiting for the train and as usual it was delayed. I see this cop in the pic, writing names and comments against them. He was jotting it down in Marathi. Thanks to the place I used to stay around 15 yrs back I picked up the language, yup and a lot of friends (& gurlfriends :) ) that I had were Maharashtrian’s, so marathi was a breeze always.

Looks like all other professions this cop too had a target to achieve.

The usual devil in me arose. I put the camera on silent, and clicked few SPY SHOTS, till I got the perfect one I wanted.

Thank god no one spotted me doing that, or I would have been mistaken to be part of the BiN LaDeN gang. :)

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