Saturday, June 30, 2007

Party time at my place today..

It's Saturday today. After a long time my batch from Senior College from Wilson College are finally meeting up again. The last time we met was at Ganya's place. :)

My folks are chillin in Goa, and they are cool about me playing host. :)

The last time we all met, we chatted from dawn right upto dusk. Chetan had to leave as he had to run for the Mumbai Marathon. Man he came second from IMRB the company which both he and I work for. Anu had to leave early (girl nah, and stays far away in a village called BORIVLI... Oh incidentally I stay 5 mins from her place. hahah)

Stan had to leave as he was scared of the BEER MAN. Peter made the best of it, by calling his place and letting his goan dad know, that Stan has lived up to the goan tradition, is pissed drunk and on his way home. He does assures Stan's dad "Don't worry uncle, you baba will reach home". HAHAHA... He is the guy that breaks the beer bottle at the end of the video due to which all our heads turn back. :)

Saeed was made the old man and was carried around. Samee was the usual quite self, coming alive when we discussed about scarf’s, as that's what earns him his bread and butter.

Ryan was in his usual high spirits, speaking philosophically of the "Those were the days... and all"

Nigel my bath room savior always had grown like a pumpkin. Here's a small joke about Nigel and me. We were back from a excursion, and suddenly when approaching Dadar I wanted to use the loo bad for what they call 2 NUMBER..... HAHAHA.. Nigel volunteered "You will reach my house in 10 mins". After a torturous 10 minutes we reached his place and he told me to use the loo that was out of the house. I reached there with relief, only to find out.... THE LOO WAS LOCKED !!!!!!! I screamt "KEYS" Nigel came, fumbling with the keys. Oh I forgot mention he had cracked his glasses during the excursion, and now scientifically BLIND.... I opened the loo and let a sigh of relief.... Hey doesn't end here. I realized that the water was not running. I yell "Nigel" again, to which I find a pipe slide under the loo door, and come the instructions "SCREAM MY NAME AGAIN WHEN YOU WANT ME TO TURN ON THE TAP"... hahahaha

Ankush opted out as he had to attend a friends sangeet.

Dudlee was in his usual unassuming self...........

Well its 2:00 a.m. in the morning and these guys will be dropping in at 8:00 p.m.

LOOKING FORWARD TO IT...............

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