Sunday, July 01, 2007

A rainy encounter..

Its been raining like crazy for the past 12 hours now. The scare within everyone in Mumbai is “Hope this does not turn out to be another July 26”

The lights have gone off. Dunno when they would return.

My pals were about to meet at my place today. But by the looks of the situation, don’t think anyone of them is gonna think of moving their asses out of their beds…. (pssst… neither would I if I was them )

Today my mind races back to July 26 last year, where entire Mumbai was submerged in water. The very component of mother that which is scare in the desert, was the taker of lives in Mumbai, due to excess of it.

I was with the Taj then, and I remember just chilling at the hotel for two days. My room was converted into a bedroom at night. As I flicked through channels I saw, though I was lucky there were others that came head on in the path of the destruction. The house of a few friends were destroyed. Another person that I knew, drowned in his house. It was a tale of horrors that surfaced day after day.

I realized how fortunate my family and I were. There are things that I always take for granted. But instances like these make me aware things around me. Maybe that’s what has made me conscious of my actions and what effect they would have on those around me. I guess everyday is a new learning. What you learn can be either left the way it is, or used to make benefit from it. I try to opt for the latter. But human that I am, I use it strictly to my convenience. :)

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