Sunday, August 05, 2007

A note on friendship day..

This is the note that I emailed all on Friendship day

From last week sms’s have been pouring from all over, Happy friendship day it read. 

I pondered over what Friendship actually meant to me?

Was it the time that I spent with you, in school, in college or at work?
Was it all the time gave your bakwaas that you spoke a attentive ear?
Was it the time we actually had a tiff, over difference of opninion.
Was it just a mere acquaintance at a party, where we exchanged contacts and began chatting.
Was it a conversation that started after meeting online on this god sent ORKUt.

I did not come to a conclusion. Guess friendship is something where you make an association with a person, an association that you would not want to part with for a long time to come.

Guess days like these are good for us to remind ourselves and thank all those that have made a difference in or lives.

Well enough of my Bakwas.

Tks for bearing me buddy.


And yeah, I almost forgot. Happy friendship day.

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