Sunday, September 09, 2007

HR guys are womanizer’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HR guys are womanizer’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So true right?

Don’t blame you for that opinion. Your just like one 98 in a 100 employee strong organization. The other two that think otherwise is the victim and his boss (if a guy, considered to be an even bigger womanizer :) )

I was at a HR forum last evening, which saw the top guys in the HR fraternity confluenced for a discussion on “Perception about HR”

Guess what, the title of this blog was a hot topic that was discussed. Trust me guys, all present there were so passionate about this topic. There were instances wherein how they got anonymous threatening emails from guys within the organization, to stop talking to a particular person. And list of incidences were hilarious, and kept me at the edge of my seat (for once in any conference  - psst.. I find them boring)

Look at your HR guys in your own organization. You may find a mix of them. There are: 1. Some that act as if they are chained to their chairs, thus you never see them.
2. Some that speak to only a certain set of people, more often to those on the same level or senior to them, as they find it below their self esteem to interact with th ones down the line.
3. You have the targeted lot who are extroverts to the core. Who get screwed for not doing their desk jobs, as they are busy chatting with those at work place. Understanding them, hearing their agonies out and getting a pulse of their work place.

One of my ex bosses that I adore once told me “Do you think the employees care four F%$&s if you ensure that the attendance is in place or rather you doing things behind the scenes to make their life simple? What employees want from HR is for them to be like their best friends at work. And that is going to happen only when you get out of you chair and meet u with them. The test that your on the right track is when you:-
- Tell an employee senior or junior for a favor an he does it not because the MD has forced it down their throath through you, but he does it because he RESPECTS AND ADMIRES YOU.
- Can freely walk into the senior management cabins and the have willingly accept you there and chat with you.
- When you have employees drop into your cabin when the are near in to say even a small hello.

Well that’s the the take on HR guys, so if you are termed as a cassanova or a guy that does not do work, its something which you will have live it.


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