Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I compare life to a highway……………

I compare life to a highway……………

The drive can be fantablous, with a smooth road. It’s a pleasure riding here. This very smooth road turns into a drivers nightmare. Abrupt speedbreakers, landslides, potholes are the other side of that once smooth road.

Driving just makes you aware of things around you. You pass through villages, meet new people, help a hitchhiker to the next town (trusting that he won’t rob you  ). The ides basically fun.

Then suddenly at this one tiny village what was once a highway, tapers into a crossroad!!!! What crossroad on a highway? Trust me that’s the last thing that you want to encounter. I am sure those travelling on the Mumbai Goa road must have faced this situ (I was asleep behind the wheel, when I faced this. When I did realize it was the wrong route, I had drove a good 10 KM into the village. Lol) sometime.

Life too is something like that. Your faced with crossroads at different stages. But then again we ought to remember that there is what I call the reverse gear in the car. Retrace to where you feel you got lost, and traverse the path that you feel is right, and never on the road that led you to that dreaded crossroad.

God bless….



Anonymous said...

what do you do when you have burnt the bridge behind you and cannot move back ?????

Ralston Coelho said...

Then get real with life. Call home/ loved one and tell your moving on......

Heard that song "Tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree"? You can tell them that the song is not coming true in their case.

Just be plain honest, even it it hurts the other person.

But........... If you somehow can temporarily repair the burnt brige (nothing is impossible) you may not repent reversing on that path again..

Just a thought...

And yeah... My mamma always said 'Never trust strangers', so am I. So please do not take my words to heart. It still remains my view about life........ :)

Anonymous said...

thanks taking ure advice and moving on....seems like d most reasonable thing 2 do..... am trusting a stranger in this instant.

i like reading ure blog do write more often
be happy :)

Ralston Coelho said...


It won't be easy, but thats your call. Stick to it.

And remember what I said. Call that person and speak. Tough its tough, its right.

Good to know that you like reading what I write.

Tk care.