Friday, March 07, 2008

Beautiful testimony... Click on the link

I suddenly decided to do a google on my brother’s name and I was directed to this webpage, where he had left a comments.

definitely do not regret that google search, as I came across one of the most beautiful pages in my life.

We all have had our loved ones pass away at some point or another in our life. Here is a man, who touched the lives of the students at St. Mary’s High School, Rajasthan.

I have never met him, but the testimonies left behind by the students, including my brother, speak volumes of him.

All this quizzes me, why would God take away someone like this who is actively making A DIFFERNCE in the lives of so many?

Quizzed like I am?

Well, that’s why he is called GOD, he alone has his answers, and guess what he refuses to confide…..

: )

May the soul of Br. M R Foran a.k.a. FORI rest in peace.

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