Sunday, March 16, 2008

Motorcycle diaries, end here........

Ah, the journey has come to a end…. Sitting in the airport for obvious reasons ‘THE FLIGT IS DELAYED SIR, BY TWO HOURS’…..

It was a interesting trip this time. Biked around Goa like I’ve never done before. Deep dived within myself, like I’ve never done before. One learning definitely is that I am going to make atleast one trp like this is a year. A solitary trip……

I’ve met some really nice people here, that were friendly… Ziggi won’t forget you.. Yeah Ziggi hails from NZ, spotted her at 9bar and we got chatting. Post leaving that place, was riding toward Calangute and there I see her frantically trying to kick start the activa :) HAHAHAHA. I had rope with me, so hooked her bike and RESCUED HER (that’s what she claims) hahahahaha…. Was good fun….

I swam like I never swam before, this was at the calm waters of Arambol beach. At first I went to the beach just to relax and have a beer. Dunno what hit me, and I just entered the water. No regrets….. Was in there for nearly 2 hours, Was a distance where I had a full view of my stuff that was on the beach… :)

One of the days I went for a hill trek near Keri beach. Man it was fun. All by myself against the backdrop of the beautiful ocean. The ocean can be so beautiful, especially if your there during sunset…… I wish I was a pot, maybe would have been inspired to write a book of poems.. Lol….. THANK GOD I AM NOT!!!!! Hehehehe….

One of the days went getting Lilian’s car fixed. As usual, I love getting grease on my hands (industrial grease mind… lol). She had some prob’s with the car oil dripping and the radiator fan not working. So had both sorted. The oil was due to the loose oil filter and the radiator fan was due to the faulty motor. Oh BTW just before leaving for the airport, someone defalted her car tires. Hahahaha. She supposedly had an argument with someone from around the place and there have been a series of incidents like these, one of them was cracking of her car headlight….. Thank god she picked up a second hand car. Lol.


Well I think we all are breaking to exhale at some point of another. Quite a few friends called me a freak, cause I went on a solo trip. They said I would get bored. Looking back at this one week, I didn’t experience a minute of boredom, I was enjoying my own company and ofcourse at times the company of people like Ziggi…… lol…..

Back to work from tomo, but when I head to Mumbai I have to get the music system installed in my car which which my bro picked up from Dubai…

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