Friday, March 06, 2009

Who's fault is it anyway?

I was listening to F.M. radio in the wee hours of the morning and a caller from Pakistan calls…..

“I apologize to all my India brothers and to the world for what has happened to the Sri Lankan cricket team. It is shameful for us here in Pakistan. The simple Pakistan man is not the one who is against India. We wonder too, why this continuous tension is on with India and the world. I love India, infact I have travelled there many times, and I am simply in love with the country and its warm people. Islam does not propagate violence. It is only the vested interests of a few groups that has created this whole negative image about Pakistan. I am a really sorry for all this”.

Here is the extract of a short conversation with a close friend, this is what she tells me – “Ralston, you know what I hate Muslims to the core. I don’t know why, but just. I have quite a few Muslim friends, who are very good pals, but I don’t know why I just hate them”.


I fail to understand why this has happened. A part of India long India, a country which is now looked down upon. What has cause this hatred? Dirty politics? Self interests? Religion?

Different theories have different angles to this great divide between the two countries. But I still don’t get it - killing and violence to prove a point?

Now I know, I can be accused of someone whom politics do not mean a thing. I am someone who has turned a blind eye to the happenings around. I have not voted yet.

I am somewhere within me, there’s a voice that tells me…. “You are somewhere responsible for what is happening. Maybe there are millions of others like you that exist. If everyone takes it upon themselves to make a difference in their own little way, maybe, just maybe, we might have a different world – a peaceful world to live in”.


Wd said...

I was at a police station the other day, and on looking at a few policemen a question came to mind- I wonder which is greater- Religion, power or Money? or an interplay between some or all of these...

Ralston Coelho said...

Feel like attempting what is?