Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I lost THEM......

Just three months and loose two close friend – one to Pride and the other to a misunderstanding.

It takes so long to nurture a relationship. So many ups, numerous downs – you somehow have the strength and moreover a forgiving heart to leg go of things.

But I guess there’s only little that one can let go. Beyond a point these two were like sand in my fist, they eventually faded away.

I know under circumstances that come up, it will be impossible to mend what has been broken.

The first friend, who I was even at the big day of her life and there always when she needed me, be it for issues with her sis or calls or sms due to other issues in the wee hours in the morning, just let it all go over a conversation. Humility is I guess a virtue practised by a few and most of us try to ape it – of course only that much what is palatable to us. Accepting one is at fault even after told repeatedly is I guess superhuman..

The second friend who I lost over a misunderstanding was even more unfortunate. The direction and the peace of a family can change at a drop of the hat. Me assuring her that I was there during the tough times gave me a feeling that I had ulterior motives for my actions. I backed off, and let her be as it is. Silently watched from far and let her be. Today I get to know that she wished I was there during her tough time. Did she say, she wished? Couldn’t that thought be converted into actions or even a few words in a sms?

I haven’t written a blog piece for a long time now, didn’t have the motivation to do so. But these two events have rattled me. And I felt I need to rattle it out too. Least someone reading this article, will be more sensitive and try and not repeat the mistakes that we have.

It’s a sad feeling. Really sad feeling………………………………..

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