Saturday, March 08, 2008

Diaries - En route to da land of Feni, Firangs etc. etc.

I am off to the land of
Feni, Firangs, etc. etc.
Its 5:40 a.m. now and I am waiting for the flight to take off.

The airport seems to be busier than my 8:49 Churchgate slow train. Ground staff frantically screaming their lungs out for a passenger who has checked in, but is nowhere in sight, as the flight is about to take off. My first reaction to them is “LOOSE HIM”.

Thankfully, post my last trip episode wherein my Zippo almost getting confiscated by the airport security, I checked it. I SINCERELY HOPE that my checked in luggage reaches where it is supposed to. This fear arises after how my Fishing Rod that I tagged as ‘Fragile’ was treated like it was a heavy duty gadget and was just flung on the baggage belt.

Phew…… Indians after all, what can you expect??? (No offence! pun intended!) Enough for now.

Next update would probably be by EOD!!!!

Oh BTW, I missed my pal Ankush’s Birthday to, he has turned 27!!!! Man can’t believe it that age got to you so fast Ankush… HAHAHAHA… Too bad can’t party with you buddy.

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