Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day 2 in Goaa...

Cheked in to the hotel today. Had a day long session on the HR strategy for the coming here.

Post the gyan sessions we went out for Khana….

I took the entire HR junta to a place called hmmmmmm can’t remember the name… Too much alcohol I guess. It was next to Colva beach. There was a singer there, who was belting out some amazing English, Konkani and Hindi songs… It was a fantabulous!!!!!!!

We all had tons of fish. Can you beat Santanu a Bong finally put his hands up and said “Enough!!!! I can’t have any more of this”.. Now when you get to hear this statement from a Bong you know that you’ve had a lot of Fish.

We got back to da rooms, the group had a chat for a good one hour, the details of which I rather not mention here… HEHEHEHE…

Well thought I should write this small lil write up before I call it a day..


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Kris said...

...and thanks to this small write up we actually ended up meeting in goa...how cool!!!